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Copyright © 2019 Patricia Ochudlo

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hey there!

I'm patricia

An emerging artist and designer from Germany.

It is my mission to inspire you and use my creativity in ways that add to the beauty of this world.

Learn more here

connect with me @itspARTicia

feel inspired - 

let the magic happen.

hey there!


An emerging artist, designer and out-of-the-box thinker

from Germany - dedicated to sharing her passions

and dreams with you. 

Creating art is my way of speaking my truth -

in my own creative language.

Through brush strokes, textures and lots of sparkle

I tell stories and depict deep emotions. 

But my art is much more than "just a form of self-expression".

My main goal is to move and inspire you -

to dream big, seek truth and expand your perception.

Like Picasso once said:

      "Art washes away from the soul

        the dust of everyday life.”

This could not be more true!

I hope through my work I can give you a glimpse into the freedom and serenity I feel during the process of creation;

And inspire you to discover these incredible feelings for yourself.

Überschrift 1

"Add a piece of art - and transform

the atmosphere of any room..."

"one eye, two heartbeats" print



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