• Patricia Ochudlo

How To Varnish A Painting (🔥 #varnishporn 🔥)

First time EVER varnishing an oil painting!

And damn, let me tell you.. this shit is next level satisfaction.

Don't believe me? See it for yourself!

Isn't it just incredible how the painting literally gLoOoWs again?

Ughhhh, I live for that!



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Welcome! I'm Patricia, an emerging artist

and designer from Germany.

My creations are inspired by beauty;

by the depth of our souls and the warmth of our hearts.


I have hand-designed a variety of different products,

all with the intention of helping you create more magic in your life.


Allow yourself to come into harmony with your sensual nature and connect with your most aligned, inspired self.

for business inquiries:

connect with me @itsparticia

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